Science cafes

   EKLIPSE will encourage societal debate on and citizen engagement with policy and research relevant to biodiversity and ecosystem services. This will be achieved by:

   Developing a Science-Policy-Society Forum (currently under construction) to facilitate open exchange of ideas, information and research results and to mobilize all relevant actors in the search for sustainable solutions.

   Ensuring that societal actors including civil society and business are adequately informed and engaged in all relevant activities of the project and resulting mechanism for example by organizing Science Cafes in various regions in Europe.

Science cafes are public events inviting citizens and scientists in a discussion about science and technology. The aim of science cafes is to encourage citizens to dialogue with scientist, by bringing science into the everyday life of citizens.It is a way of democratizing science by engaging citizens in the making and interpreting of science.
   The first Science cafe focusing on nature based solutions was organized in Helsinki 6.9.2016.