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Call for Knowledge on Mitigation hierarchy with the topic "Do ecosystem services assessments support biodiversity conservation? - a review of evidence from impact assessments "
Deadline: 11th of December 2020.



  • The Eklipse Forum on LinkedIn is now open for discussion. Engage with the current Call for Knowledge on this new platform as part of the scoping process.
  • A new paper in Nature Ecology and Evolution, co-authored by Chair of the EKLIPSE Methods Expert Group Lynn Dicks, describes eight problems with literature reviews and how to fix them. Read More
  • EKLIPSE supports the 6th Pan-European stakeholder consultation for the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). Read More
  • The Eklipse Business EWG has recently published its final report on how can environmental regulators support business to improve the outcomes of their operations for biodiversity. Read More
  • External review of the IPBES invasive alien species assessment draft chapters is now open and runs from 31 August--18 October 2020. Learn more and participate.
  • Which types and components of urban and peri-urban green spaces have a significant impact on human mental health and mental well-being? a new call to provide your comments/review on the draft report is now out.
  • CBD delegates will discuss at the EKLIPSE online workshop how to move the global post-2020 Biodiversity Framework forward on transformative change. Read More
  • Eklipse partners are encouraged to take part in the current open consultation for the European Biodiversity Partnership. Read more.
  • Related to our very first request, Eklipse is excited to promote the NbS Digital Dialogues virtual event (7-9 July), hosted by University of Oxford. Read more.
  • The European Commission has published and adopted the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. Learn about how Eklipse and ALTER-Net contributed to the shaping of this new strategy. Read more. 
  • Report on the participatory event “Plastics in our ocean: a micro or macro problem?” is now available online.
  • New outputs from the 2019 ALTER-Net & EKLIPSE Conference are featured in a special issue of Sustainability, including articles on "Perspectives on Citizen Engagemet for the EU Post-2020 Biodiversity Strategy" and "MICESE: A New Method for the Formulation of Key Messages." Read more.
  • The EKLIPSE Restoration EWG has recently published its final report on the main knowledge gaps hampering effectiveness to restore ecosystem biodiversity, function and services, produced for BiodivERsA. To access the report, please click here 
  • ALTER-Net / EKLIPSE key messages for the new EU Biodiversity Strategy have now been published and submitted to the European Commission. Read more.
  • ALTER-Net to take over management of the EKLIPSE Mechanism : In full cooperation with the EKLIPSE team, the decision was taken that ALTER-Net and its consortium partners will take over management of the EKLIPSE Mechanism. Read more.
  • Why EKLIPSE ? What's in it for you ? Discover the video here.