EMR activities

Request (28/10/2016) submitted by BUGLIFE- Matt Shardlow and reformulated in terms of scope:

What are the impacts of artificial electromagnetic radiation on wildlife (invertebrates, vertebrates and plants)? What are the evidence gaps that are the highest priority to address? What policy solutions should be considered?

A steering group has been set up to carry on a screening of available literature and to help organise an e-conference end of 2017.

A first literature overview was completed by a call for knowledge on our EKLIPSE KNOCK Forum. Based on these results the steering group will develop a background report on current knowledge gaps and research needs.

This document will be the basis of discussion for the web-conference that will engage researchers from a wide range of disciplines, policy makers and other stakeholders into further elaborating recommendations on research needs.

The web-conference is organised on the week of the 22nd of January 2018.

Registration for the web-conference is now open: