The difference we want to make

Differences are made up by doing things different, at least slightly, than they have been done before.

The Support Mechanism that EKLIPSE aims to develop wants to do so in some key aspects of science-policy-society interfacing. While it acknowledges the current situation and existing, valuable interface processes, it is also, as a process, science-based, based on detailed analyses of the current situation in Europe and the state-of-the-art in participation based interface activities (>> How did we get there?).

Key innovative elements include:

  • Using the diversity of existing Networks of Knowledge on Biodiversity in Europe as key resource for answering policy-related questions
  • Taking synthesis serious be drawing from a collection of established synthesis methods available from social and natural sciences
  • Address different kinds of knowledge holders and make use of different forms of knowledge as needed
  • Base the work on a coherent ethical infrastructure that tries to balance interests in transparency, inclusiveness and interests of those involved as far as possible (>> Our ethical framework)

With these elements, EKLIPSE aims to ensure that everyone involved makes a “profit” – from our high-quality outputs with high relevance, and/ or the experience experts gain from their involvement in EKLIPSE processes.

One key element will be sustainability of the process, so that it becomes a self-sustaining mechanism after the duration of the EKLIPSE project phase. For that, we aim to establish an engaging, yet light governance structure.