CAP activities


This request was initially put to EKLIPSE by IUCN and the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

In order to refine the request, the following scoping activities have been carried out: 
a. Call for Knowledge in order to identify already existing work on the request, and 
b. a stakeholder workshop in Brussels with other participants involved in European policies and biodiversity issues to ensure the policy relevance of the request detailed below and to refine the request. 

The Document of Work (DoW) describes the results of the scoping activities as well as the background of the request and was the basis for the call for experts. 

Requesters: Alberto Arroyo Schnell – International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN Regional Office for Europe, and Johan Wallander – Swedish Board of Agriculture    
Date request received: 30/9/2016
Date of first meeting with requesters and EKLIPSE KCB and methods experts: 02/02/2017 
Expected deadline for deliverables: End of 2017 ‐ Early 2018 / Before the design‐phase of the next rural development programme. 

A Call for Knowledge for initial scoping was launched in March 2017 inviting scientists, policy-makers, practitioners and other societal actors to share their knowledge on the topic: What are the effects of CAP greening measures on biodiversity and related ecosystem services?

Based on the results of the stakeholder workshop (26th April 2017, Brussels) and the Call for Knowledge, it was agreed to refine the request question. Especially the question of uptake of measures seems to be most adequate for the work of an EKLIPSE expert group. Therefore, EKLIPSE sent out a Call for Experts (No.2/2017 May 2017) inviting various kinds of societal actors to apply to join an Expert Working Group, and these experts subsequently refined the request question to: Understanding Farmer Uptake: What measures are most promising to deliver on supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services in the next round of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)?

The composition of the CAP Expert Working Group (CAP EWG) can be found here.

During the scoping phase, the EKLIPSE Expert Methods Group and the KCB Agri group discussed potential methods of knowledge synthesis which can be applied to this request, and they proposed an integrated framework to be carried out by the Expert Working Group (see the DoW). This included the following methods:

- Summary of reviews
- Non-systematic literature reviews
- Focus groups with extension agents or farmer groups, and
- a Delphi process, synthesis evaluation matrix or bayesian belief network.


Watch our EKLIPSE presentation 'Appoach, process, and envisioned contribution to the CAP' which was recently delivered to a CEC workshop about mainstreaming ecosystem services for agricultural production in Lund, Sweden.

Review of the method protocol of EKLIPSE expert working group

In December 2017, the expert group had elaborated their draft Methodological Protocol to assess the uptake of agricultural policy measures that improve biodiversity. The review of this draft protocol was public and has been broadly disseminated. Anyone was free to comment or give the expert group feedback.

The review process resulted in 8 individuals or organisations giving feedback on the draft protocol. The expert working group worked hard to include as much relevant comments as possible (see answers to all comments here and the track and change Method protocol here).

Please find here the revised method protocol of EKLIPSE expert working group on Understanding Farmer Uptake: What measures are most promising to deliver on supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services in the next round of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)?.

Next steps

Following the method protocol, the EKLIPSE CAP Expert Working Group is now drafting their work. EKLIPSE is committed to ensure the usability of all its products and will therefore organize an open review process of this draft report engaging a range of stakeholders.