Proof of Concept Conference

What is the conference (23rd January) about?
The success of EKLIPSE and its resulting mechanism is in everyone’s hands. The ‘requesters’ need to know what knowledge is out there to answer their policy or societal needs; the knowledge holders (be they scientists or other citizens) want their knowledge to have an impact; and the extensive networks working on biodiversity and ecosystem services have the enthusiasm, knowledge and leverage to keep the mechanism successful in the long term.

We want to bring all these important actors together at our Proof of Concept Conference,
where we will showcase how EKLIPSE has already started to make a difference to the way in which we use knowledge for the fate of biodiversity and ecosystem services. We will also explain how you can engage in the current and future mechanism, and what the added-value for you could be. The aims of the Proof of Concept conference are to:

  • Showcase our outputs and outcomes to people who have already been involved but more importantly to those who haven’t been involved in EKLIPSE yet;
  • Increase our collaboration with relevant networks and initiatives, in the widest possible sense;
  • Decide on a name for the future mechanism.

What is the workshop (24th January) about?
The workshop consists of small group discussions on the practical implementation of the mechanism: who needs to do what and how. The aims of the workshop are to:

  • Discuss the Roll Out Plan to allow for its rapid implementation;
  • Determine next steps in terms of the implementation of the mechanism, including roles of specific networks, institutions and individuals;
  • Reflect on lessons learned from EKLIPSE (through innovative Solutions Room approaches) to improve the future mechanism and ensure a smooth transition.