Conferences and events


EKLIPSE organises and participates in various conferences and events throughout the year and holds several meetings for our Knowledge Coordination Body, Strategic Advisory Board and Expert Working Groups.

Read more about recent and upcoming events below.


23.01.19 - 24.01.19 - Please find the link to the event pages of the EKLIPSE Proof of Concept Conference and Workshop.

This event took place in Brussels on the 23rd–24th January 2019. 

Video of the event is available here (morning session streaming) and here (afternoon session)!

The conference was a opportunity for networking with fellow policy makers, scientists, citizens and other stakeholders with an interest in strengthening the links between science, policy and society on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Moreover, participants were given a chance to engage fully in the implementation of the future mechanism, to ensure that science, policy and society are better linked.


22.01.2018 - 25.01.2018 : The impacts of artificial Electromagnetic Radiation on wildlife (flora and fauna)

EKLIPSE held a web conference from Monday 22nd of January to Thursday 25th of January 2018 on the impacts of EMR on wildlife.

All information and outcomes can be found on this page.


4.10.2017 - Webinar on Nature-based Solutions: Pandora's Box or reconciling concept?

BiodivERsA and EKLIPSE invited participation in a webinar on “Nature-based Solutions: Pandora box or reconciling concept?” on Wednesday, 4th of October 2017 from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM (CET).


There were presentations from five speakers, followed by a Questions and Answers session.

  • BiodivERsA - Hilde Eggermont: Framing of the Nature-based solutions Concept and guidance for effective implementation
  • IUCN - Radhika Murti: Examples of Nature-based solutions 
  • European Commission, DG R&I - Sofie Vandewoestijne: Examples from current EU funded demonstration projects  
  • Workshop participant: Testimonial on the Social Innovation and Nature-based Solutions workshop (TBC)
  • EKLIPSE - Carsten Neßhöver: Presentation of Research needs identified in Social Innovation and Nature-based Solutions workshop


The workshop was free, but registration was mandatory as places were limited. 


About the webinar

The webinar was organised jointly by BiodivERsA and EKLIPSE, as a follow-up to the Joint Foresight Workshop "Social Innovation and Nature-based solutions" that was held in Brussels in December 2016. The workshop highlighted a high potential for nature-based solutions (NBS) to address environmental and social challenges. However, it also showed that NBS are not very well known as a concept especially as many organisations may already be working on similar approaches but under different names. As a consequence, EKLIPSE & BiodivERsA wanted to further support the debate with this webinar to bring some background on the plurality of views and the existing typology, to illustrate that with examples, to explain a few key principles for effective implementation, and to identify limitations and remaining questions.

The main objective was to stimulate exchange on nature-based solutions and to further raise awareness of the results of the Workshop on Social Innovation and Nature-based Solutions in particular on the debate on NBS typology, benefits and limitations. The expected target audience was composed of researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and businesses interested in knowing more about nature-based solutions.



EKLIPSE is a H2020 funded project that aims to develop an innovative and self-sustainable EU support mechanism for evidence-based and evidence-informed policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services. A major function covered by EKLIPSE is the identification of research needs and emerging issues.

BiodivERsA is the network of national and regional programmers and funders of research on biodiversity, ecosystem services and Nature-based solutions from 21 European countries. It elaborates a strategic vision and implementation plan that identifies priority topics and actions to be jointly addressed over the coming years. BiodivERsA is funded under the Horizon 2020 programme as an ERA-NET COFUND scheme.


For any questions about this event, you can contact Lise Goudeseune (

  • EKLIPSE's first joint science-policy-society conference was held on December 7-8 2016 in the Belgian Science Policy Office, Brussels. Click here for details.
  • EKLIPSE, EPBRS and BiodivERsA jointly organised a foresight workshop in Brussels on 6-7 December 2016 on « Social Innovation and Nature-Based Solutions: What knowledge is needed to face future societal challenges and emerging issues ? » Click here for presentations and report.