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   Oppla is a new virtual hub where the latest thinking on natural capital, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions is brought together from across Europe. It is an initiative of the Openness and Operas projects and launches in September 2016.

   EKLIPSE and Oppla will work together in support of better decision-making on, in particular, ecosystem services. The major focus of our collaboration will be the Ask Oppla  service.

   Ask Oppla is a crowd-sourced enquiry service. It is designed to help people find out the information they need on, for example, nature-based solutions involving ecosystem services. It will complement our work on providing evidence to policy-makers and others to inform decision-making.

   EKLIPSE will work closely with Oppla to ensure that anyone interested in finding out more will get the service they need, whether it be questions that can be quickly answered from existing information, require in-depth review and consultation or even further research.