Renewable-based electricity sector                    


“NGO capacity building regarding the role of grids in a renewables-based electricity sector”


OrganiserRenewable Grid Initiative


Module I:
Time: 11th of July 2019
Location: Berlin, Germany


Module II:
Date: 25th October 2019
Time: 14:30 to 16:30 CET


Module III:
Date: 4th of March 2020
Time: 14:00 to 15:00 CET
Webinar: Registration not yet open



Capacity Building Content:
Module I: The role of grids in the energy transition: Training & Exchange for NGOs

  • Why do we need grids for a decarbonised energy future?
  • Introduction overhead vs underground power lines – technical constraints and impacts on biodiversity
  • Minimising environmental impacts of grids (good environmental planning, data collection and sharing, green corridor management)
  • Positive examples of collaboration between NGOs and transmission system operators (TSOs), possibly also with other actors, such as authorities (governmental organisations)

Module II: Digitisation in the Electricity Sector: Behind the Buzzword – NGO training and exchange (webinar)

  • Introduction technical information about grids: how does the system function?
  • Good practices for participatory and transparent planning procedures
  • Participatory environmental viewer: how can environmental data be showcased for laymen? E.g. GIS maps

Module III: Of Pipes and Pylons - Is Europe planning energy infrastructure for a Paris compatible future? (webinar)

  • Introduction to legal background: Birds and Habitats Directive, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessments, Guidance documents from the European Commission
  • European and national grid planning 
  • TEN-E legislation (legislation on trans-European networks for energy)


Target audience:  Environmental NGO representatives, both professional and volunteers, more on the working level; experts from various fields (policymakers, scientists, industry representatives) as speakers and to give input into the development of materials. The event is targeted at a European audience. All modules will be free of charge and open to any NGO representative interested, regardless of the organisation’s membership of RGI.


Presentations are available online:

Module I: Program and presentations

Module III: Presentations and webinar video