Summary of EKLIPSE project efforts:

Reporting period:
No. of call for requests:
No. of requests handed in:
No. of requests selected:
No. of requests finalized:
No. of requests finalised by ‘types of requests’:
No. of requesters (selected):
No. of requesters by ‘requester categories’:
No. of Call for Knowledge:
No. of replies received:
No. of Calls for Expertise (Expert Working Groups, Methods Group):
No. of experts applied:
No. of experts selected:
No. of resignation during the term in Working Groups:
No. of experts participated without formal call procedure (e.g. as workshop participants):
No. of reports and other final products produced:
No. of citations in scientific publications:
No. of facilitation events (organized by EKLIPSE):
No. of press releases and similar communications:
No. of media coverages:
No. of enquires for presentations, poster etc. addressed to the secretariat (on spec. requests and/or the EKLIPSE Mechanism):
No. of presentations, poster etc. on spec. requests:
No. of presentations, poster etc. on EKLIPSE Mechanism in general:
No. of Calls for KCB members:
No. of applications for KCB membership:
No. of KCB members chosen (without KCB-EKLIPSE-Team-members):
No of resignation during the term in KCB:
No. of Call for Capacity Building (CB):
No. of CB requests handed in:
No. of CB requests selected:
No. of CB requests finalised:
No. of participants in CB events:
Type of CB events:
No. of Societal Engagement (SE) Activities:
No. of SE activities by target groups:
Type of SE activities/events: