Become an ambassador

   EKLIPSE will establish a robust and flexible mechanism for policy support, communicating and engaging a wide set of knowledge holders in its work and ensuring tailor-made outreach of results - to knowledge requesters and the society more broadly. That's why dissemination and stakeholder engagement is central for us. 

EKLIPSE hopes people to realize they can contribute to the new mechanism and make a difference with it!

How can I help EKLIPSE ?

  • Join the EKLIPSE expert network
  • Circulate the open calls in your own network
  • Help us reach less targeted disciplines with links to biodiversity and ecosystem services issues
  • Come and assist to our Science Cafes and Science-society forums
  • Help us in targeting new communication channels, such as scientific conferences, newsletters, journals, other initiatives...
  • Give us feedback on our own processes and meetings
  • Spread our video (to come soon)

What's in it for me ?

As a policymaker :

  • Make better informed decisions
  • Get an opportunity to identify and discuss emerging issues related to biodiversity and ecosystem services with scientists and citizens
  • Get an entry point in an active community of experts and knowledge holders
  • Be provided with the best available knowledge on questions that concern you

As a Biodiversity scientist :

  • The mechanism developed by EKLIPSE will give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and discuss emerging issues with policy makers and other stakeholders.
  • It will support existing networks of scientists, connecting them in a "Network of Knowledge", thereby strengthening the science-policy-society interface.
  • It will give you a voice in the future direction of research

As a non-Biodiversity scientist :

  • EKLIPSE includes you in a community that fosters new research opportunities crossing "borders" between biodiversity and your topics.
  • EKLIPSE creates synergies through a network of networks, making a real difference in the science-policy interface landscape for biodiversity.
  • Collaborating in a transdisciplinary setting and learning about other disciplines approaches

As a citizen :

  • The mechanism developed by EKLIPSE will give you the opportunity to discuss and exchange your views on biodiversity and ecosystem services with scientists and policymakers
  • It will allow you to become engaged in science cafe / societal debates that look at the issues you are interested in 
  • It will create links with others, including scientists and policy makers through an online science-society forum