Self sustaining mechanism

Our goal is to bring scientists, policy-makers and others together to ensure that decisions that affect the environment are made with the best available knowledge. This is a long-term goal, not one limited to the life of the four year EKLIPSE project.

We therefore aim to create a mechanism that will be sustained after the EKLIPSE project is finished. This self-sustaining mechanism will be created and developed during the project. To ensure the mechanism's sustainability we have installed a Business Plan Group which is currently developing a business plan. Our vision is to create a flexible, durable but innovative, challenging but ethical mechanism for evidence-informed decision-making affecting biodiversity and ecosystem services.  

Once established, the self-sustaining mechanism will be handed over to the wider community of institutions, knowledge holders and stakeholders. 

Over the life of the project we will report on the progress being made in establishing this self-sustaining mechanism.