Science Policy Interface workshops

EKLIPSE Science-Policy Interface Workshops

EKLIPSE successfully organized two interactive Science-Policy Interface (SPI) training workshops in Southern and Eastern Europe during the period January 2020: 


  • A half-day training workshop in Budapest (14 January) and,
  • A half-day training workshop in Porto (20 January), specifically targeting young professionals in the first 5 years of their career

The objective of these workshops is to build the capacity of participants to better understand policy processes and how emerging issues can be better integrated into policy agendas (both research and policy development) in a pro-active manner. The workshops concentrate on the different phases of policy cycles, enabling participants to comprehend how to be active from agenda-setting and policy formulation to decision-making and implementation.


This page contains the slides used at the workshops, as well as some pictures from the workshops, a poster and a Training Manual to give those that were not able to attend, the opportunity to benefit from the training. 


We hope that you find this material useful, and look forward to enhancing SPI in Europe.