Business Plan Group

The Business Plan Group (BPG) is a key part of the EU support mechanism for evidence-based and evidence-informed policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services, providing strategic advice to EKLIPSE.

The BPG is responsible for providing input and advice to the business planning for the policy support mechanism with their specific expertise and/or in the context of their network affiliation.

The BPG currently consists of high-level experts from business, science, policy and society from across the EU Member States, Accession and Associated countries:

- Jurgen Tack (European Landowners Organisation)
- Carsten Neßhöver (EKLIPSE)
- Eduardo Escobedo (RESP)
- Sylvie Benard (LVMH)
- Corinne Martin (EUBON)
- Dirk Schmeller (EUBON)
- Eva Mayerhofer (European Investment Bank)
- Anke Hoffmann (EUBON)
- Horst Korn (EPBRS)
- Jonathan Porter (Oppla)
- Maurice Hoffmann (ALTER-Net)
- Olaf Banki (GBIF)
- Allan Watt (EKLIPSE)

Read the BPG's guidance note to find out more about our activities.