Knowledge synthesis

A major objective of EKLIPSE is to enable policy-makers and other societal actors to make use of existing studies by synthesising available knowledge as part of our request process. Read more about the process of synthesising available knowledge here.
EKLIPSE currently has several new, ongoing and completed knowledge synthesis processes.


New knowledge synthesis processes

The 2nd call for requests ‘EKLIPSE invites knowledge requests from consortia representing policy, research, NGOs; or individual applications from policy or other societal actors’ resulted in the following new calls for knowledge synthesis processes which are currently going through scoping:
Ongoing knowledge synthesis processes
The 1st call for requests ‘Policy and other societal actors are invited to identify topics or evidence needs relating to biodiversity and ecosystem services’ led to the following knowledge synthesis processes which are already underway:

Completed knowledge synthesis processes

The first knowledge synthesis process started in 2016 addressing the topic of nature-based solutions (NBS) and aimed to improved its evidence-base: "Which criteria should be addressed in NBS demonstration projects to identify, detect and measure multiple benefits, disservices, trade-offs, synergies, and foreseen (but not yet demonstrated) impacts of NBS for climate resilience in urban ecosystems?" The request was put forward by DG RTD, and aimed to inform future NBS-related projects in Horizon2020. 
You can find further information on the request under 'Past activities'.