No current open calls.



  • The report on the webinar “Exploring financing options for greener cities” is now available online. Read more...
  • Call for Experts to explore what do we currently know about the impacts of pesticide and fertiliser use in farmland on the effectiveness of adjacent pollinator conservation measures such as flower strips and hedgerows and what additional research would be needed?
  • Call for Tender to organise 2 half-day training events to build the capacity of all stakeholders to better understand policy processes and how emerging issues can be better integrated into policy agendas. 
  • A new paper on the impacts of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) to pollinators has recently been produced by some of the experts involved in the EMR Request. The paper can be found here.
  • ALTER-Net to take over management of the EKLIPSE Mechanism : In full cooperation with the EKLIPSE team, the decision was taken that ALTER-Net and its consortium partners will take over management of the EKLIPSE Mechanism. Read more.
  • EU renewable energy policies, global biodiversity, and the UN SDGs. Find the final report from the EKLIPSE EWG here.
  • Understanding Farmer Uptake: What measures are most promising to deliver on supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services in the next round of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)? Final report and press release from the EKLIPSE EWG.
  • Find here the final report that assesses the key messages, the need for clarifications, and provide suggestions on how to improve the consistency between the IPBES Global assessment and its Summary for Policymakers (SPM).
  • A call for a European collective movement to halt biodiversity loss has been published. Read more
  • Why EKLIPSE ? What's in it for you ? Discover the video here.