Renewable-based electricity sector          


“NGO capacity building regarding the role of grids in a renewables-based electricity sector”


OrganiserRenewable Grid Initiative


Module I:
Time: 11th of July 2019
Location: Berlin, Germany

Module II:
Date: 25th October 2019
Time: 14:30 to 16:30 CET
Webinar: Registrations open

Module III:
Time: Not yet set


Provisional program:
Module 1: The role of grids in the energy transition: Training & Exchange for NGOs

  • Why do we need grids for a decarbonised energy future?
  • Introduction overhead vs underground power lines – technical constraints and impacts on biodiversity
  • Minimising environmental impacts of grids (good environmental planning, data collection and sharing, green corridor management)
  • Positive examples of collaboration between NGOs and transmission system operators (TSOs), possibly also with other actors, such as authorities (governmental organisations)

Module 2: Technical 101 & spotlight on transparent planning (webinar)

  • Introduction technical information about grids: how does the system function?
  • Good practices for participatory and transparent planning procedures
  • Participatory environmental viewer: how can environmental data be showcased for laymen? E.g. GIS maps

Module 3: The European dimension: legislative background and long-term planning (webinar)

  • Introduction to legal background: Birds and Habitats Directive, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessments, Guidance documents from the European Commission
  • European and national grid planning 
  • TEN-E legislation (legislation on trans-European networks for energy)

The first module will consist of a one-day training course and will be accompanied by training materials, including power point presentations and other briefing documents. The following two modules will be developed as e-learning webinars. These can potentially be extended into a series beyond the scope of this initial project. 

Moreover, we will also look into the possibility of using video recordings and/ or webinars to enable the participation for Module 1 for NGOs that don’t have the time or means to travel. All recordings and accompanying material will be available online on a long-term basis.

The goal is to have 15 NGO participants during the first module, 10 of which we envisage will need financial travel support. We aim to steadily increase the number of participants during the webinar phase of the project. All modules will work together as a curriculum as well as individually as stand-alone modules.

Target audience:  Environmental NGO representatives, both professional and volunteers, more on the working level; experts from various fields (policymakers, scientists, industry representatives) as speakers and to give input into the development of materials. The event is targeted at a European audience. All modules will be free of charge and open to any NGO representative interested, regardless of the organisation’s membership of RGI.


Registration for Module II are now open.