Post2020 Biodiversity Strategy request

Topic of the request


To significantly contribute to the development of the EU post 2020 Biodiversity Strategy and the success of its implementation by, inter alia, ensuring the policy relevance of the ALTER-Net conference sessions and maximise uptake of its outputs.


The process to gather a movement


EKLIPSE together with Alter-NET is gathering scientific and societal input for the upcoming Post2020 EU Biodiversity Strategy. Several processes are being used for the collection of input, including:


- A Horizon scanning workshop in September 2018

- An online survey for researchers to give input (LINK when available)

- An online survey for citizens to give input

- Upcoming online and face to face dialogues regarding collected key messages

- The Alter-NET and EKLIPSE conference in June 2019

- Post-conference campaign to refine collected messages and hand them over to policy makers