Apostolos Kyriazopoulos

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Organisation :

Democritus University of Thrace

Job title:

Associate Professor




Grassland, Heathland and shrub, Mediterranean, Classification and typology, Ecosystem approach, Ecosystem management, Protected area management, Rehabilitation/Restoration, Biodiversity (incl. observation), Conservation, Desertification, Ecosystem services, Land degradation, Land management, Land use change, Provisioning service, Sustainability / sustainable use (e.g, fisheries, agriculture...) , Southern, Conservation of habitats, Sustainable use/harvest of species, Descriptive methods (field, taxonomy) , Experiments, Ecosystem functioning, Agriculture,


Coastal, Cropland, Grassland, Heathland and shrub, Rivers and lakes, Sparsely vegetated land, Urban, Wetlands, Woodland and forest, Mediterranean, Classification and typology, Cost-based valuation, Cost-benefit analysis, Ecosystem assessment, Impact assessment, Mapping/GIS, Modelling, Natural capital accounting, Participatory scenario analysis, Public participation, Risk assessment, Scenario development, Social impact assessment, Stakeholder analysis, Stakeholder involvement, Valuation: deliberative, Valuation: monetary, Valuation: non-monetary, Valuation: preference assessment surveys, Valuation: socio cultural, Adaptation, Adaptive management, Ecosystem approach, Ecosystem management, Habitat creation, Mitigation, Payment for ecosystem services, Policy reform, Procurement, Protected area management, Regulation, Rehabilitation/Restoration, Reporting, Afforestation, Alien invasive species, Biodiversity (incl. observation), Carbon sequestration, Climate change, Conservation, Cultural service, Deforestation, Desertification, Direct use value, Ecosystem dis-services, Ecosystem services, Existence value, Final Ecosystem Services, Fire, Heritage (cultural and natural), Indirect use value, Intensification, Intermediate ecosystem services, Land degradation, Land management, Land use change, Landscape, Market value, Natural capital, Nature-based solutions, Net primary production (biological production), Policy, Protected areas, Provisioning service, Regulating service, Resilience, Rewilding, Social justice, Stakeholders, Sustainability / sustainable use (e.g, fisheries, agriculture...) , Thresholds, Alpine, Southern, Mountains, Agricultural management, Conservation of species (in situ), Conservation of species (ex situ), Conservation of habitats, Forest management, Stakeholder engagement processes, Sustainable use/harvest of species, Social science methods (e.g., interviews, statistics), Economics methods, Ecosystem functioning, Energy, Agriculture, Environmental technology,