Lance McKee

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United States


Certification / standards, Open standards and open processes for development, maintenance and evolution of standards. ,


Classification and typology, Ecosystem assessment, Hedonic property pricing, Impact assessment, Institutional analysis, Landscape character assessment, Mapping/GIS, Modelling, Multi-criteria decision analysis/decision-support tools, Natural capital accounting, Off-setting, Policy analysis, Public participation, Risk assessment, Scenario development, Shadow pricing, Social impact assessment, Spread-sheet methods, Stakeholder analysis, Stakeholder involvement, State-and-Transition Models, Valuation: deliberative, Valuation: monetary, Valuation: narrative, Valuation: non-monetary, Valuation: preference assessment surveys, Valuation: socio cultural, Valuation: value transfer, Adaptive management, Certification / standards, Ecosystem approach, Ecosystem management, Market-based instruments, Marketing, Mitigation, No-net-loss, Offsetting, Payment for ecosystem services, Policy reform, Procurement, Regulation, Reporting, Spatial planning, Afforestation, Benefits, Biodiversity (incl. observation), Carbon sequestration, Climate change, Conservation, Deforestation, Desertification, Ecosystem dis-services, Ecosystem services, Ethics, Green infrastructure, Human well-being, Indicators/criteria, Natural capital, Policy, Public health, Regime shift, Regulating service, Regulatory limits, Resilience, Social justice, Societal choice, Stakeholders, Thresholds, Tipping points, Urbanisation, Zoning, Stakeholder engagement processes, Descriptive methods (field, taxonomy) , Experiments, Molecular methods (-omics etc.), Social science methods (e.g., interviews, statistics), Economics methods, Health, Transport & infrastructure, Development, Energy, Agriculture, Fisheries, IT, Economics, Environmental technology, 1. Open science and the evolution of digital-era science. 2. Establishment of an international bioelectromagnetics research platform based on omics principles: collaboration, data and tools sharing, big data collection & meta-analysis. ,