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EKLIPSE process

EKLIPSE: The process of answering a request

EKLIPSE in 3 words

EKLIPSE: A mechanism for the science-policy interface regarding biodiversity and ecosystem services

How can networks get involved in EKLIPSE?

Which type of networks can contribute in EKLIPSE?


EKLIPSE Proof of Concept Conference (POCC), Brussels, 23 January 2019

Morning session streaming

Afternoon session streaming

Event video and interviews - the added value of EKLIPSE!


Social Innovation and Nature-based Solutions

EKLIPSE, EPBRS and BiodivERsA joint foresight workshop, Brussels 2016

EKLIPSE BiodivERsA webinar – Sophie Vandewoestijne presentation

EKLIPSE BiodivERsA webinar – Gretchen Walters presentation

EKLIPSE BiodivERsA webinar – Hilde Eggermont presentation and Poll 1

EKLIPSE BiodivERsA webinar – Carsten Nesshover presentation and poll 3-4

BiodivERsA webinar – Questions to the panel


Conference Webinar: The impacts of Electromagnetic Radiations on Wildlife (flora and fauna) 

Day 1 Session 1 - Introduction to EKLIPSE & the request by Buglife

Day 1 Session 1 - Introduction on the background document

Day 2 Session 2 - Introduction on Plants

Day 2 Session 3 - Introduction on Vertebrates

Day 3 Session 4 - Introduction on Invertebrates

Day 4 Session 5 - Transversal Research Needs

Day 4 Session 5 - Transversal Policy Recommendations


Science Cafes 

Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions in urban areas, Helsinki 2016

Diverse Values of Nature

Diversity of nature's values, Budapest September 2017

Integrating diverse values of nature into decision-making, Budapest September 2017


Summer Schools

ESEE Summer School 2017


Capacity Building Events

Webinar: Networking for the landscape: the potential of collaborative governance in addressing institutional misfit in the provision of ecosystem services

Claudia Sattler: Introduction and investigated challenges in ecosystem services governance

Claudia Sattler: Overview of the case studies

Claudia Sattler: The German case study - Spreewald

Gregor Giersch: The Austrian case study - Naturpark Jauerling-Wachau

Lenny von Bussel: The Dutch case study - Berg en Dal