Basic Information:
Long Title/Main question:
KCB Focal Point:
Secretariat Focal Point:
Reference Code (e.g. CfR2/2017/2):

Major Timelines:
Date of receiving the request:
Date of selection by KCB:
Date of finalizing DOW:
Release date of Call for Knowledge:
Release date of Call for Experts:
Date of expert selection:
Date of first EWG meeting:
Publication date meth. protocol (after review process):
Publication date final report/product (after review process):

Information Request & Requester:
Requester(s) (names/institution):
Type of requester:
  • EU-Body (EC/DGs, EP/MEP)
  • National Body (EU member state level)
  • regional or municpal body (sub-national level)
  • Association
  • Civil Society Organisation
  • Business Corporation
  • Academic Institution
  • Other (specify):
Aim of the request process (categorizing the intention of the requester) [describe or cite DoW]:
Aim of the request process (categorizing the intention of the requester):
  • gain an overview of a topical area that is new to the requester
  • provide background information to support specific requester activities (negotioations, positioning, publications)
  • provide a framework with arguments for developing new policies
  • Increase awareness and dialogue on the topic
  • other (specify):
Type of request (categorizing the procedure):
  • Knowledge Synthesis (along the EKLIPSE process)
  • Horizon scanning (identify research needs)
  • "societal engagement (identifying knowledge demand or gaps in the general public)"
  • develop tailored support activities (specify):
  • capacity building for requester's target groups
  • Other (specify):

Information on EWG:
No. of applications:
No. of experts selected:
No. of experts without formal selection procedure:
No. of resignations during the term:
Fields of expertise :
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Medical Sciences
  • Other (specify):
  • Total No. of Scientists:
  • Admin/public sector
  • environmental services
  • business representatives
  • communication
  • other (specify):
  • Total No. of Practitioners:
Other experts:
  • Fields of expertise of those other experts:
  • Total No. of other experts:

"feedback loops with requesters to EWG [describe shortly the interactions]":

Specifics of the Procedure:
specialties of the scoping phase:
  • stakeholder workshop
  • substantial reframing of the main question
  • merging with other requests
  • other (specify):
special support of EWG:
  • other formats than an EWG (specify):
  • support of experts with an assistant
  • other support means (specify):
methods applied:
  • Systematic review
  • Solution scanning
  • Synopses and summaries
  • Meta-analysis
  • Rapid evidence assessment
  • Scoping review
  • Systematic map
  • Vote counting
  • Non-systematic literature reviews
  • Expert consultation
  • Multiple expert consultation + Delphi
  • Causal criteria analysis
  • Bayesian belief networks
  • Focus groups
  • Discourse analysis
  • Joint fact finding
  • Scenario analysis
  • Structured decision-making
  • Collaborative adaptive management
  • Participatory mapping
  • Multi criteria decision
  • other (specify):

Final Products and Disseminations:
type of final products:
  • Report
  • Workshop with documentation
  • Conference/conference session
  • Policy Brief
  • science café or dialogue
  • Other (specify):
dissemination activities: [please add no. of ...]
  • News item on EKLIPSE website:
  • Twitter :[interactions]
  • Facebook:[interactions]
  • Press release:[media coverages]
  • Launching event (organized by EKLIPSE)
  • Personal communication with Requester(s)
  • Presentations by EWG, EKLIPSE Team during external events :[talks]
  • Other (specify):

Feedback & Responses:
No. Of citations in scientific publications:
No. of inquires for presentations, poster etc. addressed to the secretariat (on spec. requests and/or the EKLIPSE Mechanism):
No. of presentations, posters etc. on this spec. request:

Overall impression:
What went particularily well within this request process?:
What went wrong during facilitating the request? :