Capacity building events

1st round of the Call for the organisation of Capacity Building events linked to the Science-Policy-Society interface, regarding biodiversity, ecosystem services and related challenges

Date call opened: 4th October 2017
Date call closed: 23rd October 2017

Background and call
EKLIPSE invited representatives of networks, organisations, projects and other entities to submit proposals to develop capacity building events relevant to the Science-Policy-Society interface, regarding biodiversity, ecosystem services, and related challenges. EKLIPSE seeks to be responsive to community development needs across the European Union by supporting multinational events that add value to science, policy and society. We encouraged community training providers to submit a proposal to EKLIPSE to receive support regarding the organisation, expertise and/or facilitation necessary for a successful event.

We sought to support the organisation of capacity building events relevant to the Science-Policy-Society interface, regarding biodiversity and ecosystem services, in the European Union. Following the EKLIPSE values of openness and transparency, we asked the community to:

• Identify important capacity gaps related to the aforementioned subject, and
• Support the organisation of capacity building events to remedy identified gaps.

Events could include a series of seminars, short courses, webinars, workshops, etc., as long as the relevance and importance to the main subject was fully justified. Events had to be delivered to diverse participants in multiple countries across the EU.

Selection process
Our aim was to partially support the organisation of a number of capacity building events, to be held between December 2017 and January 2020. 

The selection process is currently ongoing. In the 1st round of this Call we received 25 proposals of various scope and focus. Each proposal will be examined according to the selection criteria presented in the call document and will be given a score out of 100. For a proposal to be considered for funding a minimum of 70 is required, to guarantee the organisation of high quality events, which offer significant added value to participants. During the initial selection process, the KCB will decide whether proposals can proceed as submitted, or if further discussions with the applicants are required to achieve an optimum result. Once a proposal has been selected for funding, the EKLIPSE capacity building team will work closely with the applicant to mainstream allocation of funds and organisation of the event.

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