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Date: 17.08.2017



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Date: 17.08.2017 10:03 (GMT)

We have studied biodiversity decision-makers' values and the values they perceive to dominate in their decision-making contexts (and found dissonance among those who highlighted intrinsic values and perceived utilitarian values to dominate, and also found that collectively highlighted insurance values were least in conflict with personal values):

2. Primmer, E., Termansen, M., Bredin, Y.K., Blicharska, M., Garcia-Llorente, M., Berry, P., Jääskeläinen, T., Bela, G., Fabók, V., Geamana, N., Harrison, P.A., Haslett, J., Cosor, G., Holst Andersen, A. 2017. Caught between personal and collective values: biodiversity conservation in European decision-making. Environmental Policy and Governance. In Press.

Member: Eeva Primmer

Date: 17.08.2017 10:06 (GMT)

With the lead of Irene Bouwma, we have studied the ways in which ecosystem services are integrated in European directives and strategies:

Bouwma, I., Schleyer, C., Primmer, E., Winkler, K.J., Berry, P., Young, J., Carmen, E., Špulerová, J., Bezák, P., Preda, E., Vadineanui, A. Adoption of the Ecosystem Services concept in EU policies. Ecosystem Services, In press.

Member: Eeva Primmer

Date: 17.08.2017 10:08 (GMT)

With the lead of Pekka Jokinen, we have studied the argumentation pathways and the ways in which arguments generate effects at different stages of policy processes, with example cases:

Jokinen, P., Blicharska, M., Primmer, E., Van Herzele, A., Kopperoinen, L., Ratamäki, O. 2016. How does biodiversity conservation argumentation generate effects in policy cycles? Biodiversity and Conservation, 1-16.

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Date: 17.08.2017 10:14 (GMT)

With Janne Rinne, we have studied the ways in which urban planners frame ecosystem services (and found that they largely appeal to existing frames. Planners perceive public goods as important but otherwise they find the considerations Rinne, J., Primmer, E. 2016. A Case Study of Ecosystem Services in Urban Planning in Finland: Benefits, Rights and Responsibilities. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning 18:3, 286-305.

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Date: 18.08.2017 07:22 (GMT)

Recent special issue with many studies and cases on the topic of diverse value integration: Ecosystem Services Volume 22, Part B, Integrated valuation of ecosystem services: challenges and solutions

Synthesis paper: A new valuation school: Integrating diverse values of nature in resource and land use decisions:

Recent paper based on diverse value integration in practical cases from the openness project: The means determine the end – Pursuing integrated valuation in practice.

Researchgate group on integrated valuation:

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