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4) Conceptual Papers ( Archived)

Please add any relevant information on existing conceptual papers on the topic in the comment box

Member: Florian Koch

Date: 10.03.2017



As a result of a first  literature sreening these existing conceptual papers have been detected. Please add references to further conceptual papers in the comment box.  

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Member: Jose A. Gomez

Date: 17.04.2017 12:17 (GMT)

This comments refers to other ecosystem services provided by greening: erosion control and carbon sequestration.

Cover crops in tree crops are a key element in the greeing of the CAP. For the Mediterranean areas there are several papers indicating that the actual impact of these cover crops on these ecosystems services are related to the ground cover and biomass productivity which in water scarce conditions is quite variable among different farms.

The evaluation of the actual impact of CAP (and ideas for its future improvement) could gain if this variability and environmental limits could be evaluated and studied in more detail than now-

There are already several projects (e.g. within the JPI-Biodversa, ) in which this is been evaluated, also in relationship to biodiversity

Some references on the paragraph above

1- On variability of carbon sequestration rtes in tree crops.

2- On the impact of different soil management on olives.

3- An overview of cover crops in tree crops in mediterranean areas.

Member: Florian Koch

Date: 03.05.2017 08:31 (GMT)

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