Guiding values (measure 1 of EKLIPSE ethical framework)

The guiding values of the EKLIPSE ethical framework include:

  • Cooperation
  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Bias minimization
  • Reflexivity
  • Transparency

They will be further specified in the Code of Ethics (measure 2), which is currently under development.

As current description, we have adapted the following principles developed for BiodiversityKnowledge:

1.      Enable OPENNESS and INCLUSIVENESS through wide participation from all potential actors, including relevant experts and knowledge holders, through open invitations for participation, building on participants’ enthusiasm and diversity, and ensuring open access to the EKLIPSE products.

2.      ENSURE QUALITY and EXCELLENCE, by applying established and tailored methodologies, developing systems for quality assurance including extended peer-review, and responding to feedback.

3.      MINIMISE BIAS and ENSURE FAIR and TRANSPARENT PROCESSES, by ensuring scientific rigour, broad participation, and by avoiding conflicts of interest, through clear rules and procedures.

4.      AVOID DUPLICATION and foster COOPERATION by collaborating with relevant established institutions to maximize efficiency and minimize costs in science-policy interactions.

5.      Integrate CAPACITY BUILDING as an essential component to improve collaborative working and information sharing.

6.      Integrate REFLEXIVITY and LEARNING, by ensuring that processes and results are continuously and formatively evaluated.

7.      ENSURE INTEGRITY of the overall EKLIPSE Mechanism by avoiding and/or disclosing conflict of interests and by continuously revisiting and revising its structures, rules and processes based on these principles.