Pollinators request

This request was initially put to EKLIPSE following our third call for requests (CfR.3/2018) by Pollinis, a European NGO based in France, which campaigns for the protection and conservation of pollinators, notably bees.

A first meeting took place in January 2019 between the requester and EKLIPSE. The request was scoped with the requester until May 2019. Based on this scoping, a new question was formulated as

"What are the impacts of pesticide and fertiliser use in farmland on the effectiveness of adjacent pollinator conservation measures such as flower strips and hedgerows?"

A Call for Knowledge was carried out in June 2019. To see the contributions to the KNOCK Forum discussions, please click here.

Based on the scoping process and the Call for Knowledge, a Document of Work was compiled and can be accessed here. Based on this DoW, the Knowledge Coordination Body gave its approval for the request to go to the next stage.

Since then, a methodological protocol was developed, went out for review in August 2019 and finalised here. The next steps, as stated in the protocol, are now to prepare for a workshop end 2019. As part of this workshop, a call for experts will shortly be advertised on the EKLIPSE website.

The KCB Focal point for this request is Lynn Dick, the deputy KCB focal point is Flore Jeanmart and Juliette Young is the Secretariat Focal Point.