Eeva Primmer

First name:




Organisation :

Finnish Environment Institute

Job title:

Research Professor




Institutional analysis, Policy analysis, Public participation, Social impact assessment, Stakeholder analysis, Stakeholder involvement, Adaptive management, Certification / standards, Ecosystem management, Litigation and enforcement, Market-based instruments, Offsetting, Payment for ecosystem services, Policy reform, Regulation, Benefits, Governance, Habitat banking, Policy, Northern, Forest management, Stakeholder engagement processes, Social science methods (e.g., interviews, statistics), Policy implementation Empirical analysis of institutions and governance Institutional inertia, institutional rigidity, path-dependence Organizational networks, organizational fields Professional norms, social norms ,


Cost-based valuation, Cost-benefit analysis, Multi-criteria decision analysis/decision-support tools, Natural capital accounting, Off-setting, Valuation: deliberative, Valuation: monetary, Valuation: narrative, Valuation: non-monetary, Valuation: preference assessment surveys, Valuation: socio cultural, Valuation: value transfer, No-net-loss, Bequest value, Carbon sequestration, Climate change, Competitiveness, Cultural service, Direct use value, Ecosystem dis-services, Ecosystem services, Ethics, Existence value, Green infrastructure, Human well-being, Indirect use value, Intrinsic value, Land degradation, Land management, Land use change, Market value, Natural capital, Nature-based solutions, Regime shift, Regulatory limits, Resilience, Social justice, Societal choice, Stakeholders, Sustainability / sustainable use (e.g, fisheries, agriculture...) , Thresholds, Tipping points, Trade-offs, Energy,