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3) Modelling Studies ( Archived)

Member: Florian Koch

Date: 10.03.2017



As a result of a first literature sreening these existing modelling studies  have been detected. Please add references to further modelling studies  in the comment box.  

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Member: Guy Pe'er

Date: 18.04.2017 12:47 (GMT)

Also listed above (based on our database), but for your convenience I am copy-pasting it also here:
Cortignani, R., and G. Dono. 2015. Simulation of the impact of greening measures in an agricultural area of the southern Italy. Land Use Policy 48:525-533. --> a modelling study. Identifies that "Many farms in the area study are below the application threshold, and therefore will not be affected".
Díaz, M., and E. D. Concepción. 2016. Enhancing the Effectiveness of CAP Greening as a Conservation Tool: a Plea for Regional Targeting Considering Landscape Constraints. Current Landscape Ecology Reports 1:168-177. …AND…
Tzilivakis, J., Warner, D. J., Green, A., Lewis, K. A., & Angileri, V. (2016). An indicator framework to help maximise potential benefits for ecosystem services and biodiversity from ecological focus areas. Ecological Indicators, 69, 859-872.
--> both these paper explicitly addresses the question of Indicators of effectiveness.
Schulze, J., K. Frank, J. A. Priess, and M. A. Meyer. 2016. Assessing Regional-Scale Impacts of Short Rotation Coppices on Ecosystem Services by Modeling Land-Use Decisions. Plos One 11:21.
--> direct evaluation of anticipated effect on ESS.
Langhammer, M., V. Grimm, S. Putz, and C. J. Topping. 2017. A modelling approach to evaluating the effectiveness of Ecological Focus Areas: The case of the European brown hare. Land Use Policy 61:63-79. --> indicates 5% EFA to be insufficient.

Member: Brady Mattsson

Date: 06.07.2017 14:29 (GMT)

Here is a study that modeled unintended consequences of biodiversity-targeted ecological focus area requirements on greenhouse gas emissions due to displacement of intensive agriculture to places outside of Europe.

Pelikan, J., Britz, W. and Hertel, T. W. (2015), Green Light for Green Agricultural Policies? An Analysis at Regional and Global Scales. J Agric Econ, 66: 1–19. doi:10.1111/1477-9552.12065

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