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Member: Florian Koch

Date: 08.05.2017



Thank you very much for participating in the forum! As a result of the Call for knowledge and a stakeholder workshop which took place on April 26th we specified our focus. If you are aware of any studies which deal with the following questions, please let us know! Thank you!

- Which measures for promoting biodiversity such as ecological focus areas, landscape features, etc. (either from greening or agri-environmental schemes) are implemented by Member States and which ones are actually picked up by Farmers. What does uptake depend upon? Any studies or reports on these topics are welcome

- Often there is mistrust between nature conservationist and farmers the first arguing that farmers are not careful enough towards implementing measures in favor of biodiversity and farmers arguing they are getting too much red tape and that they will implement properly if only they were not hazzled with so much administrative burdens. Are you aware of any studies or reports looking into these issues and especially in proposing ways forward?

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