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1) Literature Reviews ( Archived)

Please add any relevant information on existing literature reviews on the topic in the comment box

Member: Florian Koch

Date: 10.03.2017



As a result of our first literature sreening these existing literature reviews have been detected. Please add references to further reviews in the comment box.





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Member: Guy Pe'er

Date: 18.04.2017 12:53 (GMT)

It is useful also to refer to the question of what interventions are known to be effective:
Sutherland, W. J., L. V. Dicks, N. Ockendon, and R. K. Smith, editors. 2015. What Works in Conservation. Open Book Publishers, Cambridge, UK.

Otherwise, the following papers are reviews published recently with respect to the greening (also copy-pasted above):

Pe'er, G., Y. Zinngrebe, J. Hauck, S. Schindler, A. Dittrich, S. Zingg, T. Tscharntke, R. Oppermann, L. M. E. Sutcliffe, C. Sirami, J. Schmidt, C. Hoyer, C. Schleyer, and S. Lakner. 2016. Adding some green to the greening: improving the EU’s Ecological Focus Areas for biodiversity and farmers. Conservation Letters, Online first: --> used a survey among 88 experts to score Ecological Focus Areas, and compared to implementation data from 8 MSs and from the EU. Results (similarly to the RISE foundation publication and Hart) is that there is a mismatch between high BD scoring and implementation. However, we noted a positive response in terms of the expansion of land laying fallow. A large number of recommendations was collected from experts.
Dicks, L. V., Hodge, I., Randall, N. P., Scharlemann, J. P. W., Siriwardena, G. M., Smith, H. G., Smith, R. K., Sutherland, W. J. (2014) A Transparent Process for "Evidence-Informed" Policy Making In : Conservation Letters 7. pp. 119-125 --> offers an assessment of what is useful.
Underwood, E and Tucker, G M (2016) Ecological Focus Area choices and their potential impacts on biodiversity. Institute for European Environmental Policy, London.
--> quite an important paper, also along the same line as Pe'er et al. 2016 and Hart 2015:
"current EFA rules and conventional farming practices it is unlikely that most nitrogen-fixing crops and catch and cover crops grown on EFAs provide significant benefits for farmland biodiversity. In contrast, the EFA options of land lying fallow, hedges, and field margins generally have the potential under typical management to provide much greater, more diverse and more reliable biodiversity benefits. The biodiversity benefits of EFA productive options and fallow could be considerably increased through changes in the incentives and implementation rules."

I should note that Pe'er et al. 2014 can be referred to as a review as well (see Supplementary Material).

Member: Guy Pe'er

Date: 18.04.2017 12:56 (GMT)

Our own review of the literature can be of course also be listed as an ongoing work.
You may tentatively cite it as:

"CAP 2020 – Fit for purpose? An evidence-based, rapid fitness-check assessment"
Guy Pe’er, Sebastian Lakner, Gioele Passoni, Clémentine Azam, Jurij Berger, Lars Hartmann, Stefan Schüler, Robert Müller, Marie von Meyer, Yves Zinngrebe
The final title and list of authors may change.

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