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Landscape management ( Archived)

Member: Gill Ainsworth

Date: 06.07.2018



How do we use the research to date in order to inform our landscape design, construction and management?

This request was submitted by a representative of the Landscape Architect.


IFLA Europe are working to develop an online and physical manual (format to be investigated) which collects and collates scientific knowledge gleaned from research projects, referred to as the 'Blue Green Infrastructure Manual' or 'BGI Manual'. This is being done in order to inform the construction of landscape scale infrastructure as well as small projects so as to ensure a better quality of urban and rural life whilst accommodating nature and its needs. The investigation will include new build incorporating nature based solutions, restoration of degraded habitats and creation of new habitat.


IFLA Europe, through the BGI Working Group has a policy of ensuring that BGI is one of the research foci in order to inform our members and practitioners. The policy also relates to the delivery of blue green infrastructure in the EC under DG Environment and particularly relevant to the need to provide practical knowledge to allow the design, construction and therefore delivery of Blue Green Infrastructure. The European Environment Agency has identified that a shortage of design and construction knowledge leads to difficulties in the delivery of the aspirations of the Green Infrastructure.

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