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Based on a first scoping phase of literature screening and a call for knowledge, we identified preliminary key findings and knowledge gaps from a set of +90 publications, in the so-called "background document".


The next phase was the web conference to further explore research needs and policy recommendations.


On this page, you are free to share your thoughts and ideas, start discussions, or provide links and documents.


Keywords: Energy, IT
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Member: Barbara Payne

Date: 05.01.2018 06:33 (GMT)

Is the background document on knowledge gaps available now? Or will it be available before the web conference? Thank you.

Member: Diana Kordas

Date: 07.01.2018 07:45 (GMT)

If this background document is available at any time before the web conference, I would really like to see it. Is it possible to get a list of the studies reviewed by the committee? Is it too late to submit new materials (if they are not already on the list)?

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Date: 23.01.2018 10:37 (GMT)

The background document has been circulated prior to the start of the web conference. The outcomes of this conference will be shared on the Eklipse website.

Member: Lise Goudeseune

Date: 25.01.2018 14:29 (GMT)

Comment from Niels Boehling
Date: 25.01.2018 14:15 (GMT)

Dear all,
I like to place some perhaps useful links.

1. A link to my websites concerning tree damage by mobile phone radiation. Some of my case studies (observations) are presented. In between there are several more cases. In German.

2. An observation guide for tree damage by mobile phone radiation:

The Norvegian version:

3. A report, in German, on early findings of one of the most prominent radiation "experts". Prof. A. Lerchl found remarkable negative effects at young trees after exposure to mobile phone radiation.

4. The very useful literature data bank "emf-portal" will recently not be updated anymore, due to missing funds.

Member: Diana Kordas

Date: 26.01.2018 08:32 (GMT)

I don't see the links. How do I access them?

Member: George Cojocaru

Date: 27.01.2018 13:53 (GMT)

Dear Diana,
On Lise's message please click on the three dots sign (...)to see her full comment containing the links.

Member: Lance McKee

Date: 30.01.2018 15:50 (GMT)

Jorge, will we be notified when the outcomes document becomes available?

Member: Lise Goudeseune

Date: 30.01.2018 15:55 (GMT)

Dear Lance,

I have sent an email to all the participants this morning.
Did you check your spam folder?
Let me know if you haven't received and I will re-send it to you.

All the best,

Member: Karina Kochan

Date: 28.02.2018 06:31 (GMT)

Hi everyone,

I am a french journalist working for the french-german environmental radio show Kikeriki (www.kikeriki.fr). Our show on Monday (5th of march) will be on the impact of mobile phone/antennas radiations on the wildlife and on humans. We are looking for an expert who could come to our Radio studio in Paris (80 rue de Paris, Montreuil) to discuss the subject with us from 11h15 to 12h15. Please write me if you are interested : contact.kikeriki@gmail.com
Thank you very much,

Karina Kochan

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