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After the two Hungarian science cafés we organized this autumn, we open up the discussion on the diverse values of nature, and invite citizens, practitioners, decision makers and scientists from all over Europe to explore how the diverse values of nature can be integrated into decisions.

EKLIPSE organizes its first EU-wide EKLIPSE Science café on the 20th of November which will run in two separate locations (Budapest and Helsinki) and will also be live streamed. Please register for online participation at this link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hSiGXiIRTeepGcTUQ3eszQ

The event is hosted by Allan Watt (EKLIPSE) and the experts discussing and sharing their views with us are

  • Maurice Hoffman (Europe's ecosystem research network ALTER-Net & Research Institute for Nature and Forest INBO)
  • Eszter Kelemen (Environmental Social Science Research Group ESSRG & The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services IPBES)
  • Jouni Nissinen (European Environmental Bureau EEB & The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation FANC)
  • Marina von Weissenberg (International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN & MoE of Finland )

For regular updates please also check the facebook site of the event here.

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Registration is now open! Please visit the following link for registering: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hSiGXiIRTeepGcTUQ3eszQ

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The diverse values of nature - Online EU-wide Science Café held on Nov. 20th

The first EU-wide EKLIPSE science café was a vibrant discussion on integrating the diverse values of nature into policy making. The focus of the discussion was on finding solutions to existing disagreements and barriers for harmonized integration of diverse values into decision making in Europe.

The four panelists; Maurice Hoffmann, Jouni Nissinen, Eszter Kelemen and Marina von Weissenberg tackled the topic from the perspectives of research, policy and civil society. With the help of a very active online audience the discussion was further enrichened by questions and perspectives brought out through the audience polls.

The cafe was built around three specific topics related to the integration of values. Firstly the panelists discussed channels of information when developing and communicating different values. Social media, expert opinions and research were brought up as the main sources, but also the insightful idea of nature itself being an important source and guide of our values was also expressed. Secondly types of arguments found relevant for influencing policy on nature values were discussed. The panelists mentioned the value of measurements and facts when arguing for certain policies, whereas the poll showed the audience’s opinion of monetary arguments as the most effective ones. Lastly trans-disciplinarity, overarching concepts like Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and citizen inclusion were highlighted as ways of bridging the gaps between different actors and perspectives on values.

This science café gave EKLIPSE not only a great way of answering the request and question how values can be integrated into policy but also ideas on how to further develop the societal engagement activities of EKLIPSE. We were excited to see people participate actively and we hope you all enjoyed the café.
For participants there is still time to answer a brief survey on your experience:

The videos and more detailed reports of the discussion will be published on the EKLIPSE website soon – stay tuned!

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