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Our second Hungarian science café will take place on the 29th of September, from 17.30 (CEST), at Impact Hub Budapest (Budapest, Ferenciek squere 2.). We aim to follow up the discussion from the previous event, when starting from the diverse values of nature we ended up by searching for possible solutions. Therefore the focus this time will be on how it is possible to integrate the diverse values of nature into decision making.

We invited three speakers, all of them having a background in natural sciences, but working at different levels of conservation science. Zsolt Molnár is ecologist and ethno-botanist, acting now as a coordinating lead author of the IPBES global assessment. He will share his experiences about acting at the global science-policy interface and the options of integrating diverse values into global politics. Ágnes Kalóczkai is an agro-environmental engineer, being responsible for stakeholder engagement at the ongoing Hungarian national ecosystem services assessment. She will talk about the challenges and the opportunities faced at national level policy making. Our third speaker is Bálint Halpern, who is project manager at Birdlife Hungary, and will speak about their experiences with citizens science initiatives and civil movements to raise awareness concerning the values of nature.

We look forward to meeting you either at the location, or online, as this time we will provide full live stream of the event. Details of the live streaming is coming soon.

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If you are not based in Hungary, but can speak the language, and would like to take part in the science café remotely, please click on the link below follow the discussion online! The stream will start at 17.30 (CEST) on the 29th of September.
Join the online café here: https://zoom.us/j/773797961

Member: Eszter Kelemen

Date: 03.10.2017 12:33 (GMT)

Thanks a lot to all the participants for coming to the science café last Friday. We discussed how the diverse values of nature can be integrated into decision making at the individual, the national and the international level. A key message of the science café is that decisions - even at the institutional level - are made by individuals, therefore acting at the personal level is a key if one would like to bring multiple values into decisions. A short video of the science café will be soon produced with English subtitles to allow you to feel the athmosphere of the event. Come and join us on the next science café too, which will be hosted on the 20th of November.

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