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Many ecological, economic and socio-cultural values are attributed to nature and the ecosystem services it provides. This wide range of values is emphasized in different ways in dynamic social contexts and across policy sectors.

We invite you to take part in a discussion on how diverse values related to biodiversity and ecosystem services are integrated, communicated and  incorporated in policy and decision making. Please feel free to share with us your knowledge, experiences, questions and doubts on this topic. We are  looking forward to learning together from examples where diverse values have been succesfully integrated into policy development at various scales.


EKLIPSE will host three science cafes discussing the topic during autumn 2017. Two of them will be held in Budapest, Hungary (in Hungarian) and one EU-wide online science cafe will focus on scaling up local examples. In these science cafes this forum discussion will be used as food for thought to develop innovative solutions to bringing diverse values into policy making. 

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Member: sander jacobs

Date: 16.08.2017 13:26 (GMT)

Dear all,
This topic has been the core of (action) research within the ESP Working Group on integrated valuation and the OpenNESS FP7 WP 4 on integrated valuation. The topic on diverse values, diverse methods and how to integrate them has resulted in the emergence of a 'new school' in valuation, putting aside the debate on differences and looking at how methods and approaches can be applied in complementary manner. This approach, mostly originating from confronting theory with local real life practice, has also percolated in the IPBES valuation framework, where it is being applied at a higher policy level. Some recent papers on the topic are found at the link below. There are two recent special issues on this very topic too!! feel free to contact me to share them!

Date: 17.08.2017 10:15 (GMT)

Dear Sander,
thank you for beginning the discussion and sharing these interesting ideas. There probably are many interesting cases where integrated valuation has been used also listed in the paper Eeva also linked below. Would you like to recommend us few success stories (cases) where integrated valuation has particularly supported policy development!

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Member: Eeva Primmer

Date: 17.08.2017 09:53 (GMT)

Ha; I was just going to Link the Jacobs et al. paper:

Jacobs, S., Dendoncker, N., Martín-López, B. Barton, D.N., Gomez-Baggethun, E., Boeraeve, F., McGrath, L.F., Vierikko, K., Geneletti, D., Sevecke J. K., Pipart, N., Primmer, E., Mederly, P., Schmidt, Aragão, A., Baral, H., Bark H.R., Briceno,T., Brogna, D., Cabral, P., De Vreese, R., Liquete, C., Mueller, H., S.-H. Peh K., Phelan, A., Rincón, R.A., Rogers, H.S., Turkelboom, F., Van Reetha, W., van Zantenac, B.T., Wan, H.K., Washbourne, C-L. 2016. A new valuation school: Integrating diverse values of nature in resource and land use decisions. Ecosystem Services 22, 213–220.

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Date: 17.08.2017 10:16 (GMT)

Dear Eeva and thank you for sharing the link:
Really good conclusion in the Highlights of this article:
- Valuation of nature is expected to resolve sustainability challenges.
- Single-value approaches are argued to be counterproductive in this regard.
- Integrated valuation combines disciplines and methods, aiming at real life impact.

Member: Liisa Varumo

Date: 18.08.2017 06:04 (GMT)

Good to see also the research done on the topic, thank you for sharing this. We realized that there is quite a bit of it and opened a new thread for sharing articles etc. In this thread we especially encourage debate and dialogue, everyone's opinions welcome!

Member: Eszter Kelemen

Date: 20.08.2017 13:44 (GMT)

Dear all,
we are busy with organizing the first Hungarian science café in Budapest, on the 11th of September (time: 17.30 CEST, location: Mantra Coffee, Veres Pálné street 17, Budapest). The topic is the diverse values of nature, and we invited three researchers to share different perspectives on values and valuation. Cultural anthropology, ecology and economics are the three key angels we will use to approach the topic. If you read Hungarian, please check our facebook event ( where we post regular news about the topic and the speakers!

Member: Eszter Kelemen

Date: 29.08.2017 15:05 (GMT)

Did you know that Europeans have a broad conception of nature, including primeval forests, swamps but to some extent also garden plants and urban parks? Check the results of the Nature Outlook Survey if you would like to know more about how 9,000 European respondents think about and value nature! Report is available here:

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