How to evaluate the Mechanism?

Member: Eszter Kelemen

Date: 06.12.2016



The aim of the EKIPSE Mechanism is to join scientists, policy-makers and others together to ensure that decisions taken at the European level that affect the environment are made with the best available knowledge. Currently, one main task is to establish the structures and processes for such a mechanism. In this context, the main challenge is to develop a mechanism which is flexible and durable and at the same time innovative. This mechanism should be handled in a responsible way in order to achieve  evidence-based decisions when it comes to influence biodiversity and ecosystem services.

We would like to use the opportunity of this discussion forum to learn more about your expectations. So, please tell us what you think:

1) The EKLIPSE Mechanism is to be established as a science-policy-society interface. What do you expect from the mechanism and the facilitating team in terms of transparency, credibility and legitimation, as well as relevance?

2) What kind of outcomes do you expect from the three main elements of action within the EKLIPSE mechanism which are:

Do you perhaps have any criteria in mind that might help to monitor if your expectations have been met?

We are looking forward to your contributions and also to the prospect of intensifying the exchange with all community members!

Thank you and best wishes,

Alexandra Lux

Keywords: Policy, Stakeholders
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