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What are the effects of CAP greening measures on biodiversity and related ecosystem services?

Member: Florian Koch

Date: 10.03.2017



EKLIPSE is inviting scientists, policy makers, practitioners and other societal actors to share their knowledge on the effects of CAP greening measures on biodiversity and related ecosystem services. A literature screening exercise was done prior to the selection of the request and resulted in a compilation of research papers and reports related to the topic. We invite you to add any information that you think is relevant for the request, and justify its inclusion e.g. additional information from countries, scales or disciplinary perspectives not covered sufficiently etc…). Relevant information should be grouped under the following threads: literature reviews, empirical studies/practical experiences, modelling studies and conceptual papers. The full Call for Knowledge can be downloaded here


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Member: Geert de Snoo

Date: 26.03.2017 08:51 (GMT)

We studied the relation between the area of landscape elements and biodiversity (species richness). Knowing this relation we can discuss the percentage of ecological focus area in the landscape we need for greening the CAP. For example in areas with 3% nature elements 52% of all dutch butterfly species are present. In areas with 7% nature elements 64% of all Dutch species is present. For birds these numbers are 66% and 74%. See: Cormont, A., H. Siepel, J. Clement, T.C.P. Melman, M.F. Wallis de Vries, C.A.M. van Turnhout, L.B. Sparrius, M. Reemer, J.C. Biesmeijer, F. Berendse & G.R. de Snoo, 2016. Landscape complexity and farmland biodiversity: evaluating the CAP target on natural elements. Journal for Nature Conservation 30: 19-26.

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