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Please add any relevant information on existing empricial studies/practical experiences on the topic in the comment box

Member: Florian Koch

Date: 10.03.2017



As a result of a first literature sreening these existing empricial studies practical experiences have been detected. Please add references to further work in the comment box.  

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Member: Stefan Schindler

Date: 16.03.2017 16:42 (GMT)

Hi, thats a study that we did on impacts of AES; however, the same measures could be implemented under greening of pillar 1:

Wrbka, T., Schindler, S., Pollheimer, M., Schmitzberger, I., & Peterseil, J. (2008). Impact of the Austrian Agri-Environmental Scheme on diversity of landscapes, plants and birds. Community ecology, 9(2), 217-227.

Best wishes! STEFAN

Member: Florian Koch

Date: 17.03.2017 10:18 (GMT)

Hi Stefan, thanks a lot for adding this information! Best, Florian

Member: Petr Petrik

Date: 22.03.2017 09:06 (GMT)

Hi, Florian,

Thank you for extensive literature review. I would prefer some shared datastore as the papers are mostly not open-access. Anyway, some of them document controversy of CAP. We discussed misuse of subsidies based on CAP from the Czech landscape here:

Best wishes,

Member: Florian Koch

Date: 23.03.2017 17:31 (GMT)

Dear Petr, thank you for the information and also the comment on the shared datastore. We will discuss in the EKLIPSE team how we can organize this. Best, Florian

Member: Evelyn Underwood

Date: 22.03.2017 17:54 (GMT)

We carried out a literature review of the evidence of biodiversity impacts of EFA nitrogen fixing crops, cover crops, fallow, landscape features (hedges & field margins only) in the following report:
Underwood, E and Tucker, G M (2016) Ecological Focus Area choices and their potential impacts on biodiversity. Institute for European Environmental Policy, London.
Good luck

Member: Florian Koch

Date: 23.03.2017 17:32 (GMT)

Dear Evelyn, thanks for sharing this information with the EKLIPSE community! Best wishes, Florian

Member: Guy Pe'er

Date: 18.04.2017 12:38 (GMT)

Might be relevant for greening measures as well:
Joest, R., M. J. Kamrad & A. Zacharias 2016: The use of uncropped cereals, set asides, cereal stubbles and catch crops by farmland birds in winter. Vogelwelt 136: 197–211.

Member: Guy Pe'er

Date: 18.04.2017 12:41 (GMT)

We have also completed a small assessment for the state of Lower Saxony in Germany, entitled:
"Impacts of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services"
Sebastian Lakner, Carsten Holst, Andreas Dittrich, Christian Hoyer & Guy Pe'er.
We investigated the spatial distribution, scoring and impacts of measures on arable land like EFA and AECM in the federal state of Lower Saxony in Germany, to evaluate effectiveness and complementarity. We found Most of the chosen EFA-options have relatively low effectiveness of both EFA and AECM in the west, and potential for complementarity in the east of Lower Saxony.

Member: Katrina Marsden

Date: 19.04.2017 15:54 (GMT)

We're starting a project looking at the impacts of greening on Green and Blue Infrastructure: which will look at impacts on the ground in Bulgaria, Spain and Germany. In each country we will be looking at a more and less intensively farmed case study area. There should be some first results at least from Germany and Bulgaria (where we will use an adapted version of the LISA methodology developed by IFAB: by the end of the year.

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