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EKLIPSE process

EKLIPSE: The process of answering a request

EKLIPSE in 3 words

EKLIPSE: A mechanism for the science-policy interface regarding biodiversity and ecosystem services

How can networks get involved in EKLIPSE?

Which type of networks can contribute in EKLIPSE?


Social Innovation and Nature-based Solutions

EKLIPSE, EPBRS and BiodivERsA joint foresight workshop, Brussels 2016

EKLIPSE BiodivERsA webinar – Sophie Vandewoestijne presentation

EKLIPSE BiodivERsA webinar – Gretchen Walters presentation

EKLIPSE BiodivERsA webinar – Hilde Eggermont presentation and Poll 1

EKLIPSE BiodivERsA webinar – Carsten Nesshover presentation and poll 3-4

BiodivERsA webinar – Questions to the panel


Conference Webinar: The impacts of Electromagnetic Radiations on Wildlife (flora and fauna) 

Day 1 Session 1 - Introduction to EKLIPSE & the request by Buglife

Day 1 Session 1 - Introduction on the background document

Day 2 Session 2 - Introduction on Plants

Day 2 Session 3 - Introduction on Vertebrates

Day 3 Session 4 - Introduction on Invertebrates

Day 4 Session 5 - Transversal Research Needs

Day 4 Session 5 - Transversal Policy Recommendations


Science Cafes 

Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions in urban areas, Helsinki 2016

Diverse Values of Nature

Diversity of nature's values, Budapest September 2017

Integrating diverse values of nature into decision-making, Budapest September 2017


Summer Schools

ESEE Summer School 2017


Capacity Building Events

Webinar: Networking for the landscape: the potential of collaborative governance in addressing institutional misfit in the provision of ecosystem services

Claudia Sattler: Introduction and investigated challenges in ecosystem services governance

Claudia Sattler: Overview of the case studies

Claudia Sattler: The German case study - Spreewald

Gregor Giersch: The Austrian case study - Naturpark Jauerling-Wachau

Lenny von Bussel: The Dutch case study - Berg en Dal