CEEweb event

Europe’s biodiversity beyond 2020 - Tackling the challenges to achieve targets


This event has now passed. Check out the presentations here, and programme here.

Final REPORT is available here.

Europe is facing important challenges in meeting future biodiversity targets while biodiversity across Europe is still threatened, and climate change is an increasing problem. Natura 2000, comprising over 27,000 sites and over 18% of European territory, is an important tool to ensure effective conservation and management of species and habitats of importance for the EU, but requires a collective effort for efficient management. Cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration is currently more important than ever before.

EKLIPSE is supporting the organisation of the CEEweb Academy, in collaboration with Eurosite, aiming to bring together scientists and policy makers, authorities and NGOs in order to bridge the gap between resilience thinking and adaptive environmental management of protected areas. The event aims in improving the understanding of climate change, its perceptible and foreseeable impacts and the role nature based solutions can play in mitigating them.

The event’s programme focuses on crucial ingredients for a more efficient implementation of EU nature policy:

  • EU level networking to exchange knowledge and examples of good practice;
  • Preserving crop-wild-relatives as an important resource for the future of EU and global agriculture;
  • Increasing active involvement of the wider population into Natura 2000 management and (private) land conservation;
  • Nature-based solutions that wetlands can offer to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.