Business-oriented workshop during ESP 10 World conference




Business-oriented session and stand room in the ESP 10 World Conference


Time: 21 - 25 October 2019
Location: Hannover, Germany
Organiser: Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP)

To strengthen science, policy, and business collaboration and uptake of ecosystem service concepts, the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) organized a business-oriented workshop during its ESP 10 World conference in Hannover, Germany from 21-25 October 2019. This symposium welcomed six business representatives that shared their ecosystem services experiences from the perspective of their corporate practices, with the objective of stimulating the academic community to better understand what ecosystem services means to private sector stakeholders and how they can be part of the ongoing drive to incorporate the concept into corporate action.

The session aimed to increase business-science collaboration, knowledge exchange, and stimulate improved interactions between scientists, practitioners and policy makers. This session, formed part of the ESP conference business tracks, which are an ongoing initiative that operates under the Ecosystem Services in Business Sectoral Working Group, which serves as a vehicle for practitioners to meet and build on previous experience.

Fig. 1: Martine Van Weelden presentation at the business-oriented session during the ESP Wold 10 Conference


The objective of this session were:

  1. Showcase business cases which relate to natural capital and ecosystem services, and understand challenges organisations face when implementing ecosystem service concepts (to be presented by business representatives);  
  2. Showcase of projects of how some researchers have been partnering with the private sector; 
  3. Provide solutions which solve the challenges businesses outlined within their presentation based on existing natural capital and ecosystem services research;
  4. Develop ideas on how to scale up science-business collaboration by identifying concrete projects, unlock opportunities and drive innovation; and
  5. Discuss how the ESP community would like to shape the business track and future role of Sectoral Working Group 6: Ecosystem Services in Business for the benefit of researchers and the private sector users of knowledge.

Fig. 2: Participants during the business-oriented session of the ESP World 10 Conference.


Fig. 3: Map of Conference participants’ hosting country


Fig. 4: Stakeholder group of the participants in the business-oriented session


The EKLIPSE mechanism also supported the stand room, where diverse organisations were able to showcase their activity.

You can read the information on the business session and access the report on the lessons learned.